A Day of relaxing and pondering life

I spent the day in the mountains relaxing and pondering my life. My family has a lovely little cabin in a small little town Called Laurelton Pa. Its filled with amish,Horse and buggies,antiques and beautiful mountain roads and scenery. I decided to take some pictures of my favorite place to go. Its called Pennsview. its amazing and a great place to go and think. I get alot of my creativity by just getting away and keeping my mind fresh! I jusrt wanted to share a few pics with you. I hope you enjoy!


SageFox on Etsy

http://sagefox.etsy.com/ Earlier today in the Etsy chat room,I met a sweet seller by the shop name of SageFox. She creates amazing felted pieces, many of which are the perfect compliment to Autumn! I just wanted to take a few moments to show off her wonderful talent! Please take some time to visit her shop and see what shes all about!


Slowly learning!

I am having a great time learning to blog! My mind is all over the place as to what I want to blog about next!!!


I think its time for me to get to bed or at least get ready for bed anyhow! I have been rattling my brain learning all the blogging stuff..its kind of overwhleming considering that im almost a cave woman,lol I promise to have some exciting stuff in the near future to look at. Lots of fun pictures and great handmade items are out there waiting to be shared! Please stay with me and help me learn!
Thanks to everyone who is already follwing me! I really appreicate it :)
I hope you all have a wonderful night!!


OK...I am in great need of some help here! Anyone who is following me that would care to help let me know. I want to learn how to post pictures of etsy items . Say for instance,I find something from one persons shop that I want to show off for them..How can I make it so if you click on the persons item picture it will take you to their shop?? Ive seen it done on other blogs and I cant figure it out! I dont think its from an Etsy mini either.....Any one care to help me out a bit??
Ok so this isnt craft related...I know..But I had to share a cute picture of my handsome dog Max! I spend alot of my time with him,he is ALWAYS at my feet no matter what im doing :) I LOVE him.


Ive decided to share some pictures of my craft room,where all the magic happens! I like to call it *Creative Clutter*
I Bought this display case at a flea market yesterday. It was all alone sitting underneath a table of "junk". So I took it home dusted it off and plan on giving it my very own touch! Ill be posting pictures of it when its finished
Wow,blogging takes up alot of time! But I really like it! it really gives me a chance to explore different realms on Etsy,while looking for items to feature! I am finding some really cool stuff.
I hope you will stay with me and be patient as I learn this whole blogging process!
What a beautiful and brigh suncatcher created by http://Uniquedichroic.etsy.com
Here is a lovely and colorful necklace filled with a promise,created by http://mixko.etsy.com/
When I first saw this cute plushie pin my heart melted! Isnt it the cutest?! Cleverly created by http://applenoggin.etsy.com/
A rainbow resin pendant created by yours truely! The rainbow was made from polymer clay(also created by me) and embedded into resin along with some colorful glitter and confetti dots! Skatterbrainz.etsy.com


The Grand Opening!

To start the blogging process,ive decided to use this blog to show off all the wonderful handmade talent on Etsy. I really enjoy Etsy,its like my drug! Each day ive chosen to have a theme and I think to start off,Ill have a Rainbow theme! Enjoy!