Slowly learning!

I am having a great time learning to blog! My mind is all over the place as to what I want to blog about next!!!


Senora Muertos said...

I have been doing them days. Thursday was a recipe, Friday is about my family, Sat will be a guest artist. I have not figured out my other days yet. I figured if I had a schedule of sorts I might stick with it better. Good luck!

CherryVomit said...

I am the same way. My mind is deff all over the place. I have so many ideas, so many topics, and i want to share it all. Lol. I guess once you get into the blogging world, you life changes. You begin to get feedback both good and bad, and have an outlet of such great expression and power. Keep up the great posts. =]

oh and thanks for commenting on some of my posts =D