Being Busy

Hey Everyone! I know its been quite some time sincle I last blogged. I have been really busy going to visit family and coming up with new ideas and working n such. I need to get back on the horse and come up with some fresh ideas for the blogging experiance. I dont want to bore my followers. Please stick with me while im in this transition! Im planning on having some giveaways for the upcoming holidays so that should be pretty exciting! Stay tuned ok! Thanks so much for understanding! Jennifer


TcsoapCo on Etsy

I recently made a great purchase on Etsy a few days ago from this awesome soap store Called TcSoapCo. I treated myself to the reishi facial soap and have been using it for about 3 days now. I LOVE it. Its all natural and has a great smell and has been working on my skin very well. They also included a sample of reishi moisturizer which works wonderfully ! I just wanted to take a moment and give them props and share their shop with my followers!http://TCsoapco.etsy.com/


Eco Felt!

Heres some of the awesome things I have been Creating! Check me out On http://Rusticrainbow.etsy.com
Hey everyone! Its been a few days since ive blogged,but ive just been so busy with life and all that comes with it. But I always find some time to make new goodies!
I have really been getting into creating items using eco felt..Felt that has been made using recycled plastic bottles. I am really loving it! I do it every where I go...And inspiration moves me brightly!


RusticRainbow Creations!

Finally!! My old shop has turned a new leaf! I redid my other etsy shop and am so excited. I have been creating eco friendly felt goods of all kinds and have been working hard to get them listed! I love how the shop came out and I hope you do as well! So please come check it out!


Eastover Resort To see Max Creek

This past weekend my husband and I headed to Lenox Mass,To the Eastover Resort To see Our Favorite band Max Creek! Its a beautiful place and we had alot of fun! I added just a few pictures to show off!


Festival Fun!

This weekend my husband and I are heading to Lenox Massachusetts in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains to see our favorite band Max Creek! Ill be taking my pendants with me. Ive made quite a few Max creek pendants and hope to sell some of them!
Max Creek is celebrating their, I believe it is their 39th anniversary! They are amazing! Ill be back Monday evening with pictures to share!
Have a great weekend all my lovely bloggers!


A Lovely Etsian!

I met a really nice Etsian in the Etsy chat the other day and I fell in love with her work..She makes the prettiest headbands! Here are some pictures of her work,please check out her shop!!


My Display case

A few days ago I posted a picture of a white display case I bought and a flea market. I painted it and put some cute stickers on it and glazed it. I think it came out pretty cool. I dont usually use colors like that and I wanted to try something different. I already have alot of my pendants in there!
My Cat stinky checkin out the case :)


Just hanging out!

Today was a very nice day. The weather was lovely. Fall is definately in the air. I cant wait to pull out my sweaters and go for walks and watch the leaves change color. I spent the day doing a bit of cleaning for my father. I got a good work out from it . I feel great! Something about the weather change really effects me. Autumn is my favorite season. Everything seems so cozy,dont you think?? I got a conversation on etsy today about particiapting in a fundraiser at a near by school. They offered me a free vending spot if I would dontate a pendant for a give away. Thats in December. So that really made my day as well!
Of late ive been keeping to myself, I feel as though a transition in my life is coming up and ive been doing alot of pondering of my life. But one thing that I do while all this is going is let my creative side flow a bit :) The past few weeks I have been getting ready to redo my other Etsy shop. Ive always loved to embroider and sew but I never really sold anyhting like that on etsy,So ive decided to do something that I have enjoyed for a long time which is makeing items out of eco felt. The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles which is a nice little bonus :)
Anyways,Ive been making cute little owl ornaments. I know owls are really popular right now and everyone seems to be making them,but I do enjoy making them as well! So I wanted to share some of the owls ive been making. I set them up on the desk and feel as though they are keeping me company,lol These owls will be just one of the many different items ill be shortly listing in my other Etsy shop RusticRainbow.Etsy.com.