Id like to take a few minutes and introduce my new line of pendants and accessories! Ive named them POPlets! They are fun and whimsical little handmade creations that are full of color and fun. The possibilities are going to be endless when it comes to new designs and styles! Stayed Tuned in the next few weeks in my Etsy shop http://Rusticrainbow.Etsy.com to check them out! I think they are going to be a big hit!!

Featured ~ManicMuffinTotes

http://ManicMuffinTotes.Etsy.com I just had to share this adorable and sweet little shop. ManicMuffintotes is a precious etsy shop filled with huggable,handmade and handembroidered pillows. You can really tell she takes alot of pride in her work and much love goes into each creation.. I absolutely adore her beehive pillow. If you take a close look ,you will see the handsewn details of the fuzzy fluttering bees. Her Bunny pillows make you want to just snuggle up and take a nap while cuddling up under the blankets holding on tightly to the whimsical little creation. Also,her most adorable little owl pillows are sure to bring a smile to anyones face for a lovely handmade gift for someone special. Come take a look at her shop. Christmas is coming and IM sure you will find something you will love and cherish for many years to come!


*InkyPaws* Featured Etsy Off the Wall Lady!

Yay for Inkypaws! A fellow "owl" Member. She creates the cutest felt items. I just LOVE her gnome waldorf play set! Perfect for the kiddies, A refreshing change to the mass produced toys on store shelves. Come check out her shop for some great and unique finds! http://Inkypaws.etsy.com


Featured Artist~*~ SquareJane~*~

Hi Folks! Today I am featuring a fellow Etsy OWL team member! She creates some very whimsical and unusualy unique items! Just by taking a look at the variety of her craftsmanship,gives you the idea that she has a very vast and creative mind. I listed a few of my favorite choices from her shop. I highly urge you all to take a browse thru her store and see what wonderful items she can create! Such as Stuffed Wool animals,Halloween Costumes,paintings, and Fingerless Gloves,Etc... http://Squarejane.Etsy.com