OK...I am in great need of some help here! Anyone who is following me that would care to help let me know. I want to learn how to post pictures of etsy items . Say for instance,I find something from one persons shop that I want to show off for them..How can I make it so if you click on the persons item picture it will take you to their shop?? Ive seen it done on other blogs and I cant figure it out! I dont think its from an Etsy mini either.....Any one care to help me out a bit??


alli michelle said...

One way of linking someone's item is to save a photo of the item you like (from their shop), and then when you write the blog post, select the photo (click on it) and hit the link icon and paste the Url into the box. Good luck!

SkatterbrainZ said...

I figured it out! Woohoo :)