I need to blog!

Here is a pic of Dazey,My new puppy mill rescue!
I know its been so long since ive blogged. I have been very busy making lots of new and fun items for my Etsy shops.
I also made alot of gifts for Christmas,so its been a tad on the hectic side.
One of my resolutions is to try and blog at least once a week. That should be good huh?
Ive also been busy taking care of my new little dog that I resuced from a puppy mill.
She is a West Highland terrier and I named her Dazey.
She seems to be very smart and catching on quite quickly.
Dazey was kept in a wire cage her whole life, the vet estimated that she is about 4 or 5 years old.
She was used only for breeding purposes and had very little contact with humans.
She is very sweet and also very shy. She does seem to chew a bit on things but I think she suffers from separation anxiety from me when I have to leave her now which isnt very often.
Anyways If you are ever wanting a dog I urge you to stay away from Pet stores as many of these places carry puppy mill puppies. Try to adopt a pet that is from a shelter. They makes the best pets!

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SARAH said...

My husband just made the comment yesterday that he couldn't believe malls still had pet shops.

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