Featured Artist~*~ SquareJane~*~

Hi Folks! Today I am featuring a fellow Etsy OWL team member! She creates some very whimsical and unusualy unique items! Just by taking a look at the variety of her craftsmanship,gives you the idea that she has a very vast and creative mind. I listed a few of my favorite choices from her shop. I highly urge you all to take a browse thru her store and see what wonderful items she can create! Such as Stuffed Wool animals,Halloween Costumes,paintings, and Fingerless Gloves,Etc... http://Squarejane.Etsy.com


MAB Jewelry said...

The poo costume rules!

J-Mi said...

Yay Squarejane! she rocks!

ArtTales said...

This is exactly why I follow people's blogs. Never would have found this without you. Thanks!