Just hanging out!

Today was a very nice day. The weather was lovely. Fall is definately in the air. I cant wait to pull out my sweaters and go for walks and watch the leaves change color. I spent the day doing a bit of cleaning for my father. I got a good work out from it . I feel great! Something about the weather change really effects me. Autumn is my favorite season. Everything seems so cozy,dont you think?? I got a conversation on etsy today about particiapting in a fundraiser at a near by school. They offered me a free vending spot if I would dontate a pendant for a give away. Thats in December. So that really made my day as well!
Of late ive been keeping to myself, I feel as though a transition in my life is coming up and ive been doing alot of pondering of my life. But one thing that I do while all this is going is let my creative side flow a bit :) The past few weeks I have been getting ready to redo my other Etsy shop. Ive always loved to embroider and sew but I never really sold anyhting like that on etsy,So ive decided to do something that I have enjoyed for a long time which is makeing items out of eco felt. The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles which is a nice little bonus :)
Anyways,Ive been making cute little owl ornaments. I know owls are really popular right now and everyone seems to be making them,but I do enjoy making them as well! So I wanted to share some of the owls ive been making. I set them up on the desk and feel as though they are keeping me company,lol These owls will be just one of the many different items ill be shortly listing in my other Etsy shop RusticRainbow.Etsy.com.


Princess Caitlin said...

What cutie cute owls!!

I'm sad about it being the end of summer, but I love my sweaters too. :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

You are blessed to have a place to run to and ponder life.........I am sure everything will work out for you. Like your blog, will go visit your etsy store also.

Jordan said...

Those are adorable!