~Glamasaurus~Featured Etsy seller

Glamasaurus http://Glamasaurus.etsy.com Is my featured etsy seller for today! Not only is she a fabulous jewelry artist,she is also one of my etsy buddies! I just love her creativity and her amazing collaged jewelry! Her shop will make you feel like a kid in a candy store :) Even the most grown up of people are sure to love taking a peek thru her wonderful shop of colorful goodness! Glamasaurus is also having a super fun blog give away at this link! http://blog.glamasaurus.com/?p=936 Dont miss out on this opportunity to own one of her fantastic pieces! Thanks so much for taking a peek and learning a bit about this great artist :)


I need to blog!

Here is a pic of Dazey,My new puppy mill rescue!
I know its been so long since ive blogged. I have been very busy making lots of new and fun items for my Etsy shops.
I also made alot of gifts for Christmas,so its been a tad on the hectic side.
One of my resolutions is to try and blog at least once a week. That should be good huh?
Ive also been busy taking care of my new little dog that I resuced from a puppy mill.
She is a West Highland terrier and I named her Dazey.
She seems to be very smart and catching on quite quickly.
Dazey was kept in a wire cage her whole life, the vet estimated that she is about 4 or 5 years old.
She was used only for breeding purposes and had very little contact with humans.
She is very sweet and also very shy. She does seem to chew a bit on things but I think she suffers from separation anxiety from me when I have to leave her now which isnt very often.
Anyways If you are ever wanting a dog I urge you to stay away from Pet stores as many of these places carry puppy mill puppies. Try to adopt a pet that is from a shelter. They makes the best pets!


Giveaway Winner!

I am announcing the winner to my POPlet giveaway. Thanks so much to those of you who entered my little contest . I had my husband pick the winner the old fashioned way..out of his hat. I wrote down everyones names,tossed em in there and he picked :) The Winner to my giveaway is Sugarraindrops! woohoo! Go Sugar! ILl be contacting you today! Thanks again everyone!


*~*POPlet Give away*~*

Hello Everyone!
I have decided to have a giveaway to help promote my new line of POPlets in my Shop http://rusticrainbow.etsy.com/
I will be giving away A sweet POPlet Kitty pin, which is pictured, to the lucky winner. The Giveaway starts today, Tuesday,November 10th and will end on Monday,November 16th.
Here are the rules to the give away:
1)Follow and comment on my blog , picking your favorite item from my shop telling me why it is your favorite.
2)Tweet your favorite item from my shop or tweet my whole shop
3) Promote one of my items or my shop on your blog
4)Promote my shop or an item in my shop, on your facebook page or any of your favorite online craft communities.
For each of the rules you participate in you will get one entry. If you follow all 4 of the rules you will get four entries,follow 2 rules get 2 entries,etc...easy enough :)
You have to let me know which of the rules you have participated in and what you have done.
I will also need to know how to get in contact with you if you win,such as an email or link to your etsy shop,Etc...
Good Luck!!



I have decided to choose one of my Etsy chatting pals for a feature! http://EnchantedMemories.etsy.com Her graphic design creations are full of whimsy and color and have alot of cheery character. I LOVE the banner she made for my RusticRainbow Shop. Not only does she do such great design work,she is also very pleasant and friendly and Im very thankful that I have gotten to know her on Etsy! If your looking for a funfilled Etsy banner to make your shop pop or need something to decorate your blog,shes your gal! Come take a look thru her shop and send her a convo today!! Thanks!!



Id like to take a few minutes and introduce my new line of pendants and accessories! Ive named them POPlets! They are fun and whimsical little handmade creations that are full of color and fun. The possibilities are going to be endless when it comes to new designs and styles! Stayed Tuned in the next few weeks in my Etsy shop http://Rusticrainbow.Etsy.com to check them out! I think they are going to be a big hit!!

Featured ~ManicMuffinTotes

http://ManicMuffinTotes.Etsy.com I just had to share this adorable and sweet little shop. ManicMuffintotes is a precious etsy shop filled with huggable,handmade and handembroidered pillows. You can really tell she takes alot of pride in her work and much love goes into each creation.. I absolutely adore her beehive pillow. If you take a close look ,you will see the handsewn details of the fuzzy fluttering bees. Her Bunny pillows make you want to just snuggle up and take a nap while cuddling up under the blankets holding on tightly to the whimsical little creation. Also,her most adorable little owl pillows are sure to bring a smile to anyones face for a lovely handmade gift for someone special. Come take a look at her shop. Christmas is coming and IM sure you will find something you will love and cherish for many years to come!